Colour Contemplation -

Become a bit unsure about how to go about using colour, tried referring to my first colour thumbnail sheet and didn't seem to have the same effect so i also tried using more subtle colours, don't know where to go from here? 


  1. First of all, this really does look fantastic, well done!

    From what I can see here, I prefer the colour scheme of (3), but that's mainly because the low saturation fits in well with the art style. But (1)'s probably could work if you adjusted the lighting to make the foreground stick out from the mountains a bit more.

    1. Thank you, I've been struggling lately so it's good to hear im not completely failing.
      I now also prefer 3 over 1... but I think that blue and red like colour scheme does actually fit in 2.
      I will keep messing around with them keeping your comment in mind :)

  2. Love how these are looking. I really like number 2, the colours really bring it to life.

  3. These are looking really great! : D Awesome style!