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  1. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hi Beccy,

    A nicely presented OGR doc - thank you :) So, Baucis it is, and all I'm going to do here is push you to extend the logic of your world a bit more. Firstly, I very much like the 'faux-naif' style of your thumbnails, so while you've expressed your intention to revisit the designs of your buildings, just be aware of the strengths already present in some of your thumbs; there is an illustrative whimsy to this world you've made, so tread carefully as you refine it all further.

    In practical terms, I think you need to deal with Baucis as a 'city' as opposed to a hamlet of houses. Your current thumbnails are communicative of a 'neighbourhood' of buildings, as opposed to a metropolis above the clouds, so creating a sense of scale and multitude is key for that exterior establishing shot.

    Some stuff to think about that isn't in the description of the city, but is surely implied: so, if you live in a city above the clouds - where does the food come from? You might want to think about including giant nets for the harvesting of birds; if the city is above the clouds, then crops/vegetables/fruit would always be in the sunshine, which would mean a) they were huge, but b) they would need protection from the wind, and c) where's the soil coming from? There are lots of plants that actually don't need soil - they're called, not surprisingly, air-plants:


    Transport? Airships/balloons/cable-cars/flocks of birds as power-sources?

    Power source? Windmills/solar-panels

    The other lovely detail in the existing description is the idea of the inhabitants all looking down with telescopes, and that visual impression of all those lenses/magnifying glasses/telescopes featuring in the architecture is somehow irresistible. Certainly, in terms of thinking about your interior, it might be useful to give that interior a specific purpose - perhaps it's a viewing station for spying on the below-world, or maybe it's a terminal of the city's sky-tram or balloon-port...

    My general point is this: I want you to play the game of extended logic to really enrich the visual concept of your sky-city; I want you to ask all the logical, practical questions that flow from the central premise of an entire metropolis that never comes back down to earth; ask yourself how it sustains itself; look at regular 'real world' cities, consider the complexity of their various infrastructures, and then seek to map some of that complexity onto your vision of Baucis. It will a) help you 'grow' your vision from a couple of homes on stilts to an entire city, and b) it will ensure you don't remain stuck drawing the same sort of responses over and over. You've located your city in a cold place, surrounded by snow - that's another element you should fold into your extended logic - for example, if it's that cold up there, where does the food come from - how is anything cooked or heated or protected? These sorts of practical questions - and your solutions to them - are absolutely the nuts and bolts of imagineering fantastical places.

    There's a lot of innate charm in your thumbnails, but not I want to see much more actual 'design' from you - i.e. a visual understanding of the nitty-gritty of your chosen city and its internal logic.

  2. Hey, I see you're settling in well to the uni way of thinking with the blogging and your OGR is nicely presented. Your thumbnail 69 is really nicely arranged and coloured, it caught my eye a treat :)