Fantastic Voyage OGR 04/03/15


  1. OGR 07/03/2015

    Morning Becky,

    Okay - so everything is a bit loose here still, but we know that you want to create something 'horror' based - though some of your influences suggest this is more 'fun' horror then torture porn style. I'm not sure if it's your intention to actually consider gameplay, and thereby interactive elements into your concept; for example, there's probably a version of this animation in which it's a 'first person shooter' - where Alien Isolation-style, you have to go in a rid the dark corridors of the body of the hookworm infestation. As you've heard me discuss before, it's fine to pitch a gameification concept - and use your 'animation' like a game trailer, showing key moments in the gameplay which actually align with the key moments in the life-cycle. There's a whole tradition of games in which dark cavernous environments are infested with monsters, so you could appropriate all the language of those games (sound design, interface design, health bars, motion-trackers) to entice your audience further.

    More broadly, in terms of horror, you might just want to check out the images associated with the writer H.P. Lovecraft, who specialised in describing dreadful, tentacled things that lurk in the darkness just beneath the veneer of human civilisation.

    Maybe you should take a leaf out of the Alien/Jaws book and think about how 'not' showing your monsters could ramp up the tension - I can see how great lighting and the suggestion of the hookworms writing about could be more horrible than actually seeing them, certainly in the early moments of your animation.

    You've probably seen this film already - but this was a great recent example of horror entertainment designed to make you squirm:


    and also:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6HpKUW7tKI (the poster for this film haunted me as a child for many years!)

    Be good to get a bit more 'flesh on the bones' in terms of your concept asap, so you can fine tune your approach prior to the pitch - looking forward to more updates soon.

  2. Oooooo horror ! A big part of horror is the suspense, I can see you've already looked at Deadspace a little.. that game kills me everytime damn. There are a few games that deal with "behind the camera" horror. I.e you walk around a usually abandoned place trying to find evidence or footage of ghosts, proof of monsters etc. Whilst they tend to be quite jump-scare based (a cheap way at creating something scary) they can get psychological.. however the amount of time we have lengthwise for our animations might not allow for that. Anyway, here are some games that are based on the idea of a camera:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj3ko6b8fi4 (There are 5 Fatal Frame games)

    Just an idea, hope it helped a little !! Get a solid story theme going and you might find it easier !