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Patterns that are easily repeated for any wallpapers or fabrics.
A few home interior designs. 
Getting to grips with 50's fashion and colours.

Original Character Design before group talked about 1950's - 70's style family.


The Hero’s Journey // Silence Of The Lambs

The adventure itself would begin when young FBI agent Clarice Starling is pulled from her training in the academy by Jack Crawford, head of Behavioural Science Unit, Clarice is assigned to interview Hannibal Lecter, a former psychiatrist now turned cannibal. 

At first glance it would seem Clarice doesn’t refuse this offer but we shouldn’t only be looking at Clarice, it’s flipped onto Lecter, Clarice turns up at the institution holding Lecter wanting assistance with her task, being to find a new serial killer Buffalo Bill, but Lecter makes it clear he doesn’t want to help her, only to change his mind a few moments later, after she has been overly polite and one of Lecter’s fellow inmates violates her as she is leaving.

Hannibal holds the key to the ‘supernatural aid’ he himself is a psychiatrist and who knows psychopaths better than any psychiatrist, a man who is both, making him clarice’s only hope in finding the new serial killer, even so he doesn’t give any information up easily.

Clarice can be seen crossing thresholds a few times, depend on how you look at it, she originally crossed the threshold when going to the prison where Lecter and other serious criminals are held, showing she is serious about the job at hand, a second threshold might be seen as the storage facility Lecter subtly guides her to in some cryptic clues, going out her way to investigate this lead and discovering a man’s severed head which was supposedly Buffalo Bill’s first victim.

After discovering this place and Buffalo Bill’s first victim it’s clear clarice is truly in the midst of things, the investigation is now real and she is in ‘The Belly of the Whale’.

During all this clarice is really dealing with a few things at once, right from the start you realise there is a strong sense of sexism, there were many points in the film where it’s clear the male was dominant in police force along with FBI but this goes along side with Clarice going between her training, police investigation and interpreting messages from Lecter.

(Sexist Undertone)
The goddess soon reveals herself as U.S. senator’s daughter Catherine Martin, who is of course abducted by Buffalo Bill, her abduction spurs Clarice on making the situation much more urgent, Clarice is forced to offer Lecter a fake deal, offering him a transfer but only if he helps find Buffalo Bill in time to save Catherine.

The deal Carice offers turns her into the temptress of the story, she is tempting Hannibal with exactly what he wants, a cell with a view, hannibal still doesn’t help her directly, as this would mean she wouldn’t need to return to see him but is later revealed as a false offer.

Atonement with her father happens directly through hannibal, Lecter some what makes Clarice tell him about the traumatic childhood incident of being woken by the screaming spring lambs, in doing so she completely exposes herself gaining Lecter’s respect, some may view this as the moment she comes to term with her fathers death. Hannibal manages to escape shortly after meaning Calrice can no longer rely on hannibal for this type of help.

From all the knowledge forced upon Clarice by Lecter she freely investigates the whereabouts of Buffalo Bill, travelling to the hometown of a victim she discovers that Buffalo Bill was a tailor, after seeing dresses and dress patterns identical to patches of skin missing from all his victims, seeing what no one else has she tries warning people.

Upon warning her boss, Crawford, Clarice is informed they are already en route to what they believe is his home, Crawford simply thanks her, Crawford doing this could be classed at the ‘Refusal of Return’ as its ending her investigation and forcing her back to training and smaller jobs, this not being enough to put her mind at ease she continues to interview friends of buffalo Bills first victim in Ohio while Crawford is blindly heading towards Illinois.

Meanwhile Catherine, still trapped in Baffalo Bill’s basement, in a well or hole of some sort plots her escape, she devises a plan to capture Bill’s dog ‘Precious’ and hold it for ransom until she gets a phone, Precious seemingly being Bill’s only companion he loses his temper and instantly resorts to violence by getting his gun.

Clarice is still following up leads at this point, now being lead to the actual house of Buffalo Bill, unwillingly becoming the ‘Rescue From Without’ 

After finding the address and entering Buffalo Bill’s home it doesn’t take Clarice long to work out she is dealing with a psychopath, seeing the sphinx moth really confirms it, Clarice attempts to arrest him alone but it leads to a pursuit through his basement where Catherine is discovered alive, now crossing the return threshold by firing all the rounds in her revolver at Buffalo Bill, killing him.

Clarice is finally master of two worlds, once being a frightened child, running away from home with a lamb she saved from slaughter, she is now a F.B.I. agent saving a girl from a serial killer, conquering all her fears.

The freedom to live comes during her FBI graduation party, receiving a phone call form Lecter, he assures her he doesn’t plan to come after her only if she returns to favour, Clarice say’s she can’t promise that. Lecter shortly hangs up after saying he must go as he is having an old friend for dinner.


Fly Swat Studios // Contribution -

Banner One - From Sachin's original logo design.
Banner Two - Fail on my behalf, it's a wasp not a fly!