Archetypes - Toy Story

Woody is originally represented as the hero in this film, he is the character which saves the day during Andy’s playtimes. But you could debate he is a hybrid of archetypes, the ruler, the hero and the jealous man. Being seen as the team leader, or role model type because he is Andy’s favourite toy. Shown by being the only toy that gets put on Andy’s bed. Within the Story there are two types of heroes, this does reveal a major flaw within Woody, jealously mainly, Woody's character becomes the jealous man when Buzz arrives to Andy's room and is placed in Woody's special spot on the bed, suggesting Andy now has a new favourite toy, Woody gets so jealous he tries to get rid of Buzz by knocking him out of the window. Woody eventually puts aside his differences with Buzz and helps him to overcome his internal problems escaping danger and reuniting with their owner, by doing this he re-establishes his archetype as the ruler, redeeming himself as their leader after overcoming the jealous and unfair judgments of buzz. This cowboy is cast as the hero archetype as the other toys always seek guidance and aid from Woody for any problem throughout the film, he is also the first person to confront any problem or dangerous situation, showing such characteristics as brave, generous and selflessness which are traits of a hero.

Buzz light year's character archetype would fall under action hero, the second type of hero in this movie, being the new cool, manly hero that after his arrival is always involved in action sequences. At first he is overly happy to show off his new moves and gadgets, especially when he first arrives in Andy's room. (putting Woody down, bringing out the jealously) and forces his confident character on the other toys. Buzz’s character just like Woody has more than one side, as the film progresses he psychologically develops, from when he arrives believing he is a real space ranger, to then end of the story having to accept that he isn't the only one and what he was lead to believe wasn't true, he truly is just a toy. Typical of a action here type, possessing a secret weakness. Could be said he is also the Fool in the story, this archetype fits Buzz so well because he at first believes he is a real "space ranger" from another galaxy when in reality he is only a toy, to which later he finally accepts.

Slinky and Rex would be the Loyal Friends archetype, it fits them because no matter what happens they stick by Woody and Buzz through any adventure. In the story when Woody becomes overly jealous of buzz and pushes him out of the window, Slinky especially is the one to defend woody to Andy's other toys while they bad mouth him. Even though Rex can be seen as another loyal friend he is also a coward, he is frightened of everything before anything has actually gone wrong, he is a T-Rex a large creature that isn't know to be afraid of anything, but instead he is a kind and terrified toy.

Sid 'the neighbour kid' would follow the archetype of the villain in the story, Sid is the villain because he purely lusts for evil things to happen to the toys, he is the complete opposite to the heroes in the story, causing problems for everything around him. Sid shows his worst side when he tapes a firework to a innocent toy he found and explodes him in his backyard, just for a few seconds of entertainment. The audience no matter what has no sympathy for Sid and he hasn't even got a traumatic back story, Sid simply tortures toys and makes them into abominations.

A disloyal friend or pessimist would be Mr. Potato head, he would always bring up everything that went wrong and play on the negative thing that happen, always going against Woody when ever he could, He was one of the first toys to first accuse Woody of pushing Buzz out of the window and encouraged other toys to have the same opinion.

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