Adaptation of Transcriptions - War of the Worlds (1898 / 2005)

Discussing the differences between the 1889 Novel of 'The war of the worlds' and the 2005 film adaptation 'War of the worlds'.

The most clear and defined difference is the time period the novel and adaptation are set in, the adaptation is set in the early 21st century within the United States where as the original is in England in the early 19th century. Another significant difference is the change of main character, the novel depicts a happily married middle class scientist without children which gets turned into to a divorced working class dad of two. But the character change is really important to the films plot, with his ex wife leaving him for a richer guy, her parents never approving of him anyway and his children treating him like he doesn't matter anymore, it shows a important side of the main character when having to survive and save his children who still don't trust him, this is all obviously resolved in the end when he finally embraces his son in the final scene. 

In the adaptation the war machines are already buried underground and the aliens travel down in pods by freak lightening strikes, discovered when our main character talks to a news reporter who filmed the lighting and played it black frame by frame, whereas the novel says they land on earth in giant cylinders before releasing their machines. In novel the alien tripods are much easier defeated in normal combat where as the 2005's machines have a forcefield stopping any normal human military attacks. They are later brought down by earths microorganisms.

The aliens themselves has something in common, they both consume blood of humans, in the book it is only described as finding human remains but within the film they are used for terraforming the planet. The novel says the aliens are simply from Mars, when the book was being written the idea of life on Mars was much more realistic. It goes on to explain the aliens are fleeing from their dying plant and finding a new one to continue there species. Much unlike the film where we are never told where they come from.

The similarities are easier to point out, the aliens in the end are killed off by microorganisms, the machines are both of tripod like design, the machines kill people using a ray like weapon that pretty much disintegrates humans, there is a scene in both the film and book that shows a train still running at high speed but on fire. Both types of machines can harvest humans with long tentacles that descend from the tripods. The aliens both try to terraform the planet by spraying the ground with blood causing strange red weeds to grow.

Over the years there has been many adaptations, they all contain different aspects of the original novel, these aspects are what make them individual and new pieces of work.

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