Comedy and Laughter - The Interview

Dave Skylark and his wannabe producer Aaron Rapoport run an American small news TV show called "Skylark Tonight". At the time Kim Jong-un is a serious issue and is being reported on every serious news channel, when they discover that Kim Jong-un is a fan they get a special one hour interview with him in hope they will validate themselves as real journalists. As they are preparing to leave their plans are changed by the timely arrival of the C.I.A with Agent Lacey, she informs them the C.I.A would like them to take out Kim Jong-un and supplies them with a fast-acting poison that can be transferred by a simple handshake, easy enough for the more profession type but for Dave and Aaron not so much.

When Dave finally meets Kim Jong-un they end up having a huge amount of fun together, which is highly comical, they quickly become close friends after spending the day rolling around in an old tank with drugs, females and Katy Perry, these are so unexpected of Kim Jong-un it makes the supreme leader laughable. It is a shame the movie didn't spend more time reenforcing this bromance between Dave and Kim Jong-un.

The film follows forms of stoner humour and idiotic logic, while still looking like a serious film, being well shot. But the film follows a set path and ends rightfully so with a serious note towards how Kim Jong-un is a terrible leader. The film should get more credit for it's little jokes throughout, like towards the start of the film however, as we first meet Dave and Aaron while they are still slumming through the world of news, they are hosting Eminem, while doing so he makes an off handed remark about being gay, everyone in the studio blows up about it and Eminem just makes casual comments like he was leaving a "trail of gay breadcrumbs" in all his rap songs.

Putting two typical Americans in North Korea is a huge source for racial stereotyping, but all the jokes remain self-aware, the laughs are at the dumb racist, there are certain points where you must commend Seth for finding a way to produce a "me so sowwy" joke that isn't offensive and laughable. There just isn't a shortage of them either, but they are always at the expense of the Americans making them, it's almost cringe worthy when Dave says "Konichiwa" to a large group of Koreans. It enrages you but you can't help but see the funny side.

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