Adaptation A Submission Post // How to build a DIY particle accelerator. inforgraphic.

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  1. Becky - If I had to sum up your infographic in one word it would be ‘light’. This is a shame because I like the design style, there are good choices there. The chalk board aesthetic is a cliché but it very much suits your topic and you’ve executed it well. The shed for example integrates 3D and 2D successfully. Unfortunately there’s not enough content (light) to fully sustain the film – The building of the device is ‘thin’ then the film ends abruptly - ‘the instructions are vague’ and ‘pretend you’ve done it’ ends the piece unnecessarily. I understand what you were trying to do but there’s a ‘what’s happening factor’ to watching it due to how little build up there in respect to the ‘narrator’ (personality), how sudden the he changes tone, and how simple the device is at that point.

    Note: This is a formative project so you still have time to improve the work further if you wish. To do that I recommend;

    1) Developed a longer script, a more ‘complex’ device, with a less abrupt direction change. Build up the narrative up to the ‘collapse’.
    2) Improve the use of your font. It is too small in some scenes making it hard to read. This is party due to the choice of ‘scroll’ font.
    3) Improve the timing of your animation. In some places your animation is slow, floaty, and a little ‘clunky’ -There is a ‘flickering to the appearance of objects.