Film Review // Sits Sings The Blues

Sita Sings The Blues is an adaptation of the Ramayana, a Hindu epic, that being said some Hindus actually find this film to be offensive. During the release there was a peaceful protest to cancel the showing.

Traditional Hindus didn't take kindly to Paley's adaptation, posting partitions on the internet to ban the film, and trying to take legal action against people also involved in the films making, believing this was a derogatory act against the entire hindu community. The controversy leads to the point, who actually has the right to interpret sacred texts. 

On a different note, the film itself uses multiple animation styles, the scenes set in America are completely different, very simple line animation but with interesting personalities and movements, they tend to overlap each other and it becomes rather amusing to see.

It seems each story has its own animation style, acting as layers.
The layers take place at different moments in history. We start in the present day, within america, with a couple living in a domestic bliss, Dave and Nina, how ever when Dave gets a job offer in India and leave very suddenly it suggests an impending doom for their relationship. This is paired with the myth of Sita and Rama, shown as paintings that come alive. 

Over all of this there are three shadow puppets narrating the story. These characters are not within any timeline. The last layer of story are done more cartoonish, this is where Rama and Sita sing out the story. Throughout the audience is being forced to noticed the similarities between myth and present day america.

The shadow puppets throughout the film criticise Sita's behaviour. These characters are a lovely addition to the layers of the story, they comment on the myth of Rama and Sita from a more clueless perspective, they constantly interrupt the story to explain the myth and argue amongst themselves, they talk about different versions of the story, often mess up, questioning the characters motives. This actually gives a different learning element to the whole film.


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