Adaptation B // PT1

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A.I. Thumbnails -

"Maybe we will marge with them and become super intelligent cyborgs" 
Within the article i am adapting there is a lot of uncertainty, even though Ray Kurzweil believes Singularity will be upon us in under 29 years no one truly knows what this will look like.

This is where i have the freedom to explore what we currently think future A.I will look like based on previous films and general personal preferences.

Although at this time we are trying to predict something with very little knowledge of the situation, we look back at what people in the 1930's - 50's thought the future would look like and laugh. Will this be the same situation.

Acting Class Thoughts -

Acting classes have certainly proven to be interesting at the least, each week adding a new challenge though, they really push you to think outside the box.  


Belleville Rendez-Vous - Film Review

These days American animation studios have pretty much abandoned traditional cell animation to make way for computer graphics, which is why when you find an animation like Belleville Rendez-Vous it is enchanting, the animation is highly detailed while vivid and characters overly eccentric, the story is very different and rather unusual however, it is in a strange place where it could easily be just for adults, with its lack of dialog not helping this case. 

This thoroughly delightful animation features some very touching points, no matter how you view this film it is overly French playing on stereotypes, Sylvain Chomet really plays with character's body shapes, from extreme muscles, the eccentric body types of the racers, to the obese city people. The Americans were portrayed as obese tourist looking characters and certain people complained that this was anti-american and pro-french but within the animation the french are also being stereotyped with the triplet eating frogs and tadpoles 

Where most animations would attempt to be some what realistic this goes another way, the world which the story is set is exaggerated, much like the characters, with huge out of proportion ships included. 

Again this animation does seem to be more for adults, even though it isn't violent or sexual it holds a huge amount of sadness and a complexity. It does come across to some as a strange comedy that isn't all that funny at times, being about a boy getting kidnapped by french mafia while competing and it is up to the grandma and dog to help.

It's refreshing to see an animation that doesn't rely on cg effects, the animation concentrates on just visuals to tell the entire story, leaving dialog behind like a old worn out tool.


Persepolis - Film Review

This animation by Satrapi and Paronnaud is extremely clean looking infused with fluid lines, making it visually pleasing, it is beautifully drawn(by hand)and perfectly edited, the animators throughout hold a certain type of atmosphere just through visual means, this is including the animation's colour choices, keeping it black and white reminds the audience that this could happen to anyone anywhere.

The soundtrack accompanying the animation is fairly diverse, including Iranian music followed by heavy metal thanks to the main character, the film really is a lovely yet emotional piece with multicultural influences.

The minimalist look works well for this film, helping it tell a story that is so full of events, with the story itself being so hectic the simplistic drawing style and lack of colour aid the film more so.

The minimalist take on the animation could be seen as it's one weakness with sharp maybe crude lines and lack of colour, but this is the sole strength. Animated by hand by traditional means, Satrapi has said computer generated graphics are too neat and this takes away the personality of characters, the lines drawn by hand tell more about each character. Who ever doesn't know about the traditional process of old animation methods don't know about the huge effort it takes to make such a long film with 12 pictures for a single second. The Animation was produced by many artists over three years.

This black and white animation shows people in Iraq in a much more realistic manner, the audience can see despite being surrounded by war and death of loved ones the people still celebrate life and try to live normally during such repression and you can see their thoughts behind certain rules and breaking them, even though they would be getting into trouble for even wearing too much make up and end up dead for having a party, many people may not really understand what the country is really like yet this film depicts it in a brilliant and easy way, Satrapi said that if people see the film and see the people as humans just like themselves the film is a success.