Pipeline 1: Head modelling // Upper body // Resit task

Starting the head from where i last left it a few months ago, but noticing some faults, even though the image planes are the correct size the head is looking a little off shape, spent some time trying to correct it but seems the model is determined to be wider than it should be.

Inside of the throat, not much of an issue here although i did have to redo this as i had to correct a lot of the lip geometry for when i mirrored the model.

Again at this point seeing some issues with the head shape and the image planes the hair that follows the images correctly is so far forward from the ear i had to make some adjustments so it looked correct, at this point i should have redone the whole head as there were more and more problems coming up due to miss match shapes.

More defined hair line, after adjustments, although its clear the head isn't the same shape i feel i compensated enough for it not to look too out of place, hoping it wont cause anymore problems in the future.

Completed head, hair, eyebrows and eyes with tidy outliner. From this view you will notice how even though i followed the image plane exactly it still differs from the tutorials somehow.