Singularity Aftermath // Research Page // Thumbnails 1 - 20

(Might have to re do this image as the writing is too small)

Crude thumbnails to explore environments and AI positions for the model.

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  1. Becky - those thumbnails might be 'rough' but I LOVE them as they are - by which I mean, in terms of art direction for your story, I'd like to see you 'keep' this quality - for example, panel 4 - that robot character - I'd be fascinated to see that 'be' what your animation/character design looks like.

    So - I think you need to write another post which describes your project more pragmatically: is it narrative, is it digital set + character - is it a complete experience for audiences? Just a heads-up - I think all year three students should be seeking to create 'complete' experiences for audiences, and I don't mean by that classic 3 act stories, but audio-visual experiences that are more than just 'maya assets' looking pretty. Let's talk on Friday about 'Singularity' and all that it could and should be. This is an exciting post :)