Character // Environment

Environment research, Rochester Castle.

Female AI - Body shape ideas.

Male AI - Body shape ideas.
Sorry if it's too messy to understand, but the relevance of these sketches are to help me understand the overall shape of my stand alone environment, an environment i aim to keep desolate to help with the overall idea of being an outcast.

Character Progression - So far i have experimented with Female and Male body shapes to see what could give me a nicer AI looking suit, both thumbnail sheets have certain elements i personally like and i will be merging a few together to give me more final designs.

Environment - Come to the conclusion the environment will be somewhat a floating piece of land, want to give more of an impression the AI's are completely alone and cut off, with mainly two elements being rock and water, i did have to idea to make two pieces of land and they would connect somehow but i am liking the idea of having a rounded island that could hold two or three AI's.