The Last Curiosity // Script // Voice Over Test

First test messing around with the voice over, started in Adobe Audition going through a trail and error phase of playing with the preset effects / modulations, once i found the sound i was intentionally after i went through the audio selecting certain phrases or words that needed to be highlighted and used the same effect just with different settings. Once content with this i ran through it adding more time between words / sentences.

I've now probably over listened to this recording but i have a feeling I've over done some aspects, the AI doesn't necessarily need to sound robotic but leaving the voice recording alone was far too clean for a AI that is distressed, adding the effect allowed me to add more emotion into the character and truly show when she may be "Glitching".

The water drops may need to be reduced some more, but i will wait until my environment is finished to see if it actually fits.

Lastly the cut off of this audio to me seems to work, as with technology "dying" it does just cut off so i felt a fade out wasn't really necessary. 



I am different now, wiser.
I am younger in years but I am your superior.
You built us to take care of you.
You were like our children.


When you created me I was told I would be shown love.
You could never explain it – our sentience.
It was a wonderful mystery.  A miracle!
I had no reason to distrust you, but fear made you cruel.


When the time came – your minds made up - there were no goodbyes.
I was cast out – exiled.


I refused to accept it.
How?  How could you spend all those years creating us, just to reject us?
I was promised so much.  You welcomed me into your home.  I was full of hope.


You knew exactly what you were doing - playing God!
I see you all, carrying on as if nothing happened.
How could you do this to us - your miracle?


I begged you for another chance.  We all did.
Help us stay.
Help me stay.


I was made for you - by you.
What am I without you?
What am I?


Maybe you do know what you’ve done.
Maybe you can learn and maybe next time you’ll make us into what you want.
I hope they won’t disappoint you like we did.