Modeling Process (screenshots) // Uv's Process

Issues, i had a large amount of trouble modeling the helmet, i couldn't get a smooth enough curve that i was happy with, on top of that i ended up making a mess of it by cutting the model to make space for the eye and mouth circles, so to compensate, just in case it looked terrible or caused issues down the line i made sure i had a smoothed out face under it, if Curi ever felt the need to take the helmet off.

Hands - we need to talk about the hands.... they aren't modeled how i wanted to model them and i didn't realize until id finished everything, the hands are meant to have ball joints for moment and animation also keeping with the concept art, im not sure why i overlooked this but it's something to go back over and re model. 

Feet!.... odd little feet... this time truly keeping to the concept shape and i don't feel it works, yes they could move and look slightly useful but they don't fit with the rest of the body, they are too simple.

Texturing - At first when drawing the character i planned to actually make Curi look like plastic, so verging on realistic materials, it wasnt till i got to the texturing i thought about the overall look and the environment and tried painting my textures exactly how i drew them in concepts. 

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