Slight Details // Criticism

Being ever critical, need to ideally change the colors of body sections, i don't mind the variation of grays but maybe change the lower torso to match the upper, two whiter sections, possibly even the mask could go whiter. (side note) i completely forgot to add details to the back of the head and mask, i only realized once looking back at concept that the mask had cheek details to help with expression, otherwise the mask is so plain!

polish up painted maps, a few areas where edges slip over.

The mask really needs that detail

So, to 100% change

From matte to shiny (for plastic like material)
Think of a new hand and feet design
Refine textures, change colour variations
Add the missing detail to the mask.

Worked well -

Washed away child drawings + two stickers
Broken hand hanging
Bow shape
Detail pattern

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